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2024 年华文成人慕道班



神师 : Rev Fr. Paul Ngo

讲员 : 资深讲员

开课日期 : 27/7/24

结业日期 : 19/04/25 (复活节前夕)

上课时间 : 每逢星期六下午1.40 pm 至3.40pm

上课地点 : 堂区中心1楼Mother Mary’s Room

报名询问 : 林锡藩(Paul  Lim) 98530272





Where do I come from? Where am I going?
Why am I living in this world?
What is Catholicism?
Who is Jesus?
Who is the Virgin Mary?…….
If you are looking for answers to the above faith questions,
Please come and attend our Chinese RCIA


Chaplain: Rev Fr. Paul Ngo
Speakers: Experienced Speakers
Opening Date : 27/7/24
Completion Date: : 19/04/25 (Easter Eve)

Time: Every Saturday from 1.40 pm to 3.40pm
Venue: Parish Center 1st Floor, Mother Mary’s Room
For registration please contact: Paul Lim  (98530272)

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