Pastoral Services

Pastoral services that are available to support the spiritual and practical needs of Catholics.

Adoration Room

Infant baptism is held once every two months on the 1st Sunday at 4pm (please look out for the dates in the bulletin or call the parish office), preparatory session is on the Saturday preceding the baptism day at 4pm and attendance is compulsory for both parents and godparents.

For procedures and booking, please pick up the form at the parish office, or click here to find out more.


Catechism serves as a comprehensive faith formation program designed to educate children and youth on the fundamental principles and sacraments of the Catholic faith. Its primary aim is to foster the growth of faith and discipleship in individuals, nurturing a deep and meaningful connection with God. Specifically tailored for primary school-aged children, catechism prepares them to receive the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion, typically around the time they are in Primary 3. Additionally, as part of the catechetical program, the Sacrament of Confirmation is administered to students in Secondary 3.

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House Blesings

House blessings are an invitation for Christ to live with you in your homes and a reminder to families to keep the Catholic faith alive at home.

During the blessing , the priest will sprinkle holy water all over the house while praying. This occasion provides a great opportunity for gathering of community to glorify and thanking god for all the blessings received, from whom all blessings come, for the gift of a new home.House blessings can easily be arranged by calling the Parish Office  during Office hours.

Infant Baptism Guide

Funerals and wakes

After the death of a loved one, please call the parish office for the availability of the Church for funeral mass, then make the necessary arrangement with the undertakers before coming down to the parish to book the Church. Funeral mass will usually take place about one and a half hours before the cremation time.

For procedures and booking, please contact the church office.



IHM Divine Mercy Chapel (Prayer Room)
(previously our chapel, located at the basement)

Our Divine Mercy Chapel (Prayer Room) is available for booking for holding of wakes for departed baptised Catholics*.

*Baptismal Certificate or Extract of the deceased is required upon submitting of the booking form.

Booking form is available at our parish office, or click here to find out more.