Stained Glass at IHM

One of the architectural features of the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is its beautiful Stained Glass.

They serve symbolic purposes, adding beauty and creating a sacred atmosphere.These Stained Glass depict scenes from the Catholic Bible. They also harness natural light, transforming it into a divine glow that represents spiritual transcendence.

Stained Glass windows provide focal points for meditation and prayers, allowing our parishioners to reflect and deepen their faith.


Symbol Alpha

Jesus gave Mary to be Mother of John

Presentation at Temple

Crowning with Thorns

Visitation to Elizabeth

Jesus Lost in Temple

Agony in Garden

Nativity of Jesus

Man: Evangelist St. Matthew

Our Lady of Fatima

IHS: Jesus, Saviour of Man (in Latin initials)

Bull: Evangelist St. Luke

Crucifixion& Death

Symbol Omega

Carrying of the Cross

Scourging at Pillar



Coronation of Mary


Eagle: Evangelist St. John

Lion: Evangelist St. Mark

Our Lady of Lourdes

Assumption of Mary

MM: Marian Initial (Mother Mary)

Stained glass prayer

You offer me this new year
like a stained-glass window to be assembled
from 365 pieces of every color
that represent the days of my life.


I will put into it the red of my love and enthusiasm,
the mauve of my suffering and mourning,
the green of my hopes and the pink of my dreams,
the blue or gray of my commitments or struggles,
the yellow and gold of my harvests…

I’ll reserve white for ordinary days,
and black for those when you are absent.

I’ll cement it all together with the prayer of my faith,
and by my serene trust in you.

Lord, I simply ask you to illuminate
from within this stained-glass window of my life
with the light of your presence
and with the fire of your Spirit of life.

Thus, through my transparency,
may those I meet this year
discover the face
of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ,
Our Lord. Amen.

Prayer translated from the book “Rythmes et spirales vers Dieu” by Fr. Gaston Lecleir (1928-2014)