Charismatic Prayer Group returns

by Alison Snodgrass |  Edited on October 10, 2023

The charismatic group members in praise and worship

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The IHM Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group (CCPG) resumed its activities with a mass on September 21. The mass was celebrated by parish priest Fr Paul Ngo and it was followed by a time of fellowship.

The Charismatic Prayer Group was previously active in IHM from 2006-2017. Its renewal came about through the efforts of two members of SACCRE (Singapore Archdiocesan Catholic Charismatic Renewal), Kristyn Lim and Belinda Yeo. Belinda, as a Life In the Spirit Seminar (LISS) organiser, had been wondering how to facilitate the continued spiritual growth of post-retreat LISS participants. Coincidentally, Kristyn was recently inspired during a quiet time with God. “So I asked Fr Paul and he said yes”.

Group picture

Participants at the second CCPG session, which took place on September 28, were treated to a meaningful evening of rousing praise and worship, followed by a spiritual growth talk by Jessica Francisco (past SACCRE chairman and current administrator) on the birth of the modern-day Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church in 1967 and the subsequent flow of the current of God’s grace. She emphasised the importance of a passion for social mission, ecumenism and evangelisation, which in turn must be accompanied by a profound and solid Christian foundation. “Love the church …be faithful to the Magisterium …others must know that we are Catholic.” The session concluded with a time of group sharing and testimony, intercession and prayer support.

Audience listening to presentation

Neophytes Lydia Ng and Joanne Chong, both parishioners at the Church of St. Alphonsus, shared that the nature of charismatic prayer “feels more personal and less formal”. On their motivation to attend the event, Lydia said: “I was encouraged to come by my RCIA sponsor. I was curious.” Joanne agreed and added: “I want to learn more about the Catholic Church.”

Another participant, Robert Joseph Lee, an IHM parishioner and a veteran of charismatic prayer, said that what draws him back time and again to the sessions is the heartfelt conviction that “the Lord is my best lover”. Welcoming new participants into the charismatic community, he strives to be a witness of love, saying: “We love them, and then they can see that we love the Lord.”

The charismatic band members

The group meets every Thursday at IHM Retreat House (level 1) from 8 – 9:45 pm. All are welcome. For enquiries, please contact Kristyn Lim at 98170152 or Belinda Yeo at 96191995.

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