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The St. Dominic Savio Altar Servers Society of IHM occupies a unique role among the ministries. It is undeniable that the Altar Servers work the closest to the priest and to the holy practice of mass, be it assisting the celebrant with preparing the sacred Eucharist or mundane tasks like tidying the Altar. Thus, the expectations and the standards we Altar Servers must uphold are some of the highest in our church community. However, our utmost care and dedication are not just reserved for the Sanctuary but for our daily lives, helping whenever and wherever we can. We endeavour to forge each and every server into strong-willed, intelligent and outstanding members of society.

  That being said, since the recruitment process starts as soon as they receive their First Holy Communion,  it should come as no surprise that an organisation made up predominantly by school-children also values its recreation. We ensure that our young members get their fill of fun and games during our bi-monthly meetings and the camps/retreats which we hold during the school holidays. It is during these camps and retreats that we allow the boys to bond and grow together, we achieve this by inviting our own parish priests and some of our alumni to give sessions, that way we make certain they stay sharp when it comes to their own spirituality and emotional intelligence. We also conduct regular charity outreach programmes to teach our boys to be appreciative of their countless blessings.

  Although our members’ ages may range from 9 to 18, we implore you to look past their youth, for many of our boys are mature and incredibly capable. This can be attributed to our careful training process where we ingrain the mass procedures through practice and careful instruction. We also teach our members not to be afraid of their mistakes, but to instead take each of them as learning opportunities to continuously better themselves. It is in this way that we ensure that whenever called upon, they are able to go above and beyond their call of duty.

  We Altar Servers at our core are humble servants of God who follow in the footsteps of St. Dominic Savio, the patron saint of all Altar Servers, to be pious, respectful and gentle. We pay tribute to him on our banner and whenever we pray before and after mass, lest we lose touch with our roots. What sets the Altar Servers Society of IHM apart from that of other churches is our emphasis on the importance of our brotherhood which tides through adversity. That when it comes down to it, they can rely on their fellow servers to be true friends, companions and loyal confidants.

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Ministry Leaders, usually President and Excos lead the members spiritually for the love of god. Ministry Leaders, usually President and Excos lead the members spiritually for the love of god.

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