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FLG@IHM provides an opportunity for couples and families to meet on a bi-weekly basis, in members’ homes or at the church.
We share intimate conversations on life experiences, praying together and growing in our faith together through fun and Christian fellowship on a deeper and cosier level. Led by a facilitator or lead couple, guidance and support is provided to the group.

We plan for organized themes or interests, such as parenting, marriage anniversaries, or family-related topics. Apart from social activities, such as ‘makan’ sessions or game nights, our members are also very active in other ministries. Together with our children, we want to inculcate a “play and pray” approach as part of church life.

Ideally we mirror the universal Church to make a positive impact through the ministry work that we engage in, of service mentality to spread God’s kingdom and in our prayer lives.

Ultimately, we believe the purpose of life is to know and glorify God through an authentic relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. This purpose is lived out first within our own families as domestic church then extended, in love, to the community of the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and beyond.

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Ministry Leaders, usually President and Excos lead the members spiritually for the love of god. Ministry Leaders, usually President and Excos lead the members spiritually for the love of god.

Ministry Leaders

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Join us for inspiring Catholic ministry events that will deepen your faith and strengthen your community.

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Welcome to our Family Life Group blog! Here you will find insightful articles, reflections, and resources to deepen your faith and explore the beauty of our Catholic tradition. Join us on this spiritual journey as we strive to grow closer to God and live out our calling as disciples of Christ.