2 March 2024 – Flame of Love International Congress Group


1-7 March 2024 was a memorable time for the Flame of Love Movement in Singapore as they hosted the first-ever International Extraordinary Congress with more than 60 delegates and participants coming from 24 countries spanning North and South America, Europe, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.

The event was held at the SFX Retreat Centre (former seminary at Punggol).

His Eminence William Cardinal Goh celebrated the Inaugural Mass for the Extraordinary International Congress of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Movement. Concelebrating the mass was His Excellency Bishop Arulselvam Rayappan of Salem, India and more than a dozen foreign and local priests.
On 6 March 2024, the Flame of Love Ministry invited the Congress delegates and participants to visit the Church of IHM for rosary prayers in front of the statue of Our Lady of the Flame of Love and attend a Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Paul Ngo and concelebrated by Bishop Rayappan and several priests.

This was followed by a passing of the Flame of Love ceremony.

The Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is an exceptional grace for our time, granted to the Virgin Mary by the Eternal Father.
It is also an instrument of spiritual combat that Heaven places at our disposal, particularly in these troubled times in which we live.

The effect of these graces is to bring every person into deeper union with Jesus so that families, communities, country, Church, and the world are protected by his Love and Mercy.
The divine graces pouring out from the Flame of Love of Mary’s Immaculate Heart unite families; bring lukewarm souls, including Christians, to conversion, holiness, repentance, and release multitudes of souls from Purgatory.

This Movement of Grace can further bless all parishes by the effects of grace making Jesus more fully present in the lives of parishioners.
FOL is here to strengthen every ministry, family and parishioner in grace. The Flame of Love graces are for everyone!

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