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IHM Ministry email org

Effectively use official ministry email. Ensure all members are included in the group email.

RCIA in the main menu

RCIA to be in the main page, give more space for RCIA with banners and…

Form entries views

form entries set to visible for the ministry group for their own direct managements.

Our Priest v2 page

our priest 3d version v2 page.

Special Mass in main mass scheduled page

Special mass announcements to be included in the main mass page, and the popup from…

History page v2

v2 version of IHM history pages

Article footer :

See an error in the article? Let us know! report copyright materials.

Mass Do and Don’t

A concise and helpful manual for parishioners, highlighting the dos and don’ts during Mass.

FAQ section for contact us

FAQ section for contact us form, fetch regular question asked in contact form and post…

Blur out old events

Feature: Blur out old events, click to reveal .


Liturgical calender

Liturgical calender on Event calendar page.

Security: 2FA for account access

secured ministry backend login using 2FA .

Meta Field : Exclude

Option to select “exclude this post” for testing and disable front end view.

Ministry Page , social media fields

Ministry page to add social media links. 2 Level check, with Ministry has social media…

v2 Ministry Page Contact Form

Enhance version of the ministry join contact form with fwd to ministry email directly.

In Progress

Redirect all old urls to new url path.

Dynamic Weekly Headers

Dynamic headers at the front end page, set by conditions codes. set by seasons.

Security : Cloudflare Turnstile

Implementations of Cloudflare Turnstile to replace captcha v2 .

Ministry Step by Step guides

comprehensive guides for ministry leaders, backend access, ministry pages settings and security features.

Little Faith Steps

IHM website features a special page exclusively for children.


IHM’s own native IOS app. Downloadable from Apple store.

IHM Android App

IHM’s own native android app. downloadable from Google Play store.

Sunday Bulletin Header

replace heartbeat to Sunday Bulletin Header

IHM Media Kit page

Media Kit page for IHM branding and social media guidelines