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Catholic Leadership Centre (CLC) – A Leader’s Spirituality (ALS)

A Leader’s Spirituality (ALS) addresses the question, “How can I be an authentic and spiritually fruitful leader for Christ?” This foundational course under CLC’s Self Leadership track will help you to encounter Christ in the practical struggles of leadership, beyond an intellectual understanding of faith.

ALS consists of a series of pre-recorded and live session recordings from the trainer, Ann Yeong. Upon registration, you may view the content in your own time. Besides the videos, there are also journal worksheet exercises for your personal use, a Q&A archive from previous live Zoom sessions and curated resources for your follow-up reflection, praxis and spiritual deepening that support you after this course.

ALS’ videos and readings will address four inter-connected dimensions of the interior and integrated life of a disciple-leader:

– The indispensable necessity of an interior life and the developmental nature of the interior journey;

– Three common temptations for leaders to be motivated by relevance, popularity, and power and what Christ’s personal example teaches about facing these temptations;

– The necessity of leaders to cultivate a disposition that is both contemplative and discerning & practical tips on how to do so;

– How to lead with authenticity and integrity by possessing what Pope St. John Paul II called “unity of life” (Christifideles Laici) through progressively discovering and fully living one’s personal vocation.

All sessions will be made available through Ann’s Integrō Formation digital library. Your full engagement with the course content will give you a practical knowledge on how to begin leading more contemplatively and intentionally out of your true identity in Christ.

Mode: Online (Upon successful registration with CLC, we will email you the details on how to access ALS on Ann’s Integro Formation portal as well as the duration of access.)

Cost: $100/- per pax (inclusive of GST)

Training Start Date: Available anytime at your own convenience until 31 Aug 2024.

Trainer: Ms Ann Yeong :

Click here to register now. :

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